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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Welcome to Bethesda

Mission and Purpose

Promote Wellness by healing mind, body, soul and spirit through Education, Mercy, Hope and Faith.

Who We Are

Bethesda is a Center for Faith and Wellness Connection, serving those affected by The Human Suffering Spectrum(Chronic Illnesses: Physical-Mental, Emotional Disorders and Spiritual Brokenness

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization founded by individuals who have enriched their lives through the Love and Mercy of God and  throughout their own wellness journey. Bethesda's goal is to educate and promote healing through the connection of faith and wellness, and  by implementing innovative approaches to treat the whole person. Providing  programs and services throughout the communities in Contra Costa County, Statewide and beyond .

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We offer programs and services to promote the practice of Healthy Lifestyles to achieve body, mind, soul and spiritual wellness that may help manage the symptoms of mental and physical illnesses, Emotional Disorders and Spiritual Brokenness. 

Coffee Cup (Peer) Counseling
Life Coaching
Informative workshops open to the community at large.
Educational and informative presentations and workshops to faith communities
Faith Based Support Groups and Workshops for those with mental illness diagnosis, and their families and/or caregivers.
Evidence Based Psycho-Education workshops, Classes and Support Groups for those with a mental illness diagnosis and their families and/or caregivers.
Mindfulness Sessions, Guided Meditation, Solution Focus Therapeutic Approaches, Nutrition Workshops(Mindful Eating), and much more...

*We seek to create partnerships to achieve our mission objectives.*


Free Consultation on how to achieve healthy life styles, self-care  and support for those afflicted by emotional, mental,  physical and spiritual challenges.

WORKSHOP SERIES (English & Spanish)

ACT-I Taller semanal básico basado en Terapia de Aceptación y Compromiso

No se pierda esta oportunidad de aumentar la flexibilidad psicológica y la capacidad de participar más plenamente en el momento presente. Aprenda a aclarar valores de vida y lo que es verdaderamente importante y significativo en la vida.


ACT-II Taller basado en Terapia de Aceptación y Compromiso(Practicas)

No se pierda esta oportunidad de aumentar la flexibilidad psicológica, y liberar la mente de creencias limitantes, pensamientos y emociones negativas.

WEEKLY WORKSHOP SERIES Based on ACT Modalities(Acceptance Commitment Therapy)

You cannot miss this opportunity to increase psychological flexibility and the ability to engage more fully in the present moment. Learn how to clarify life values and what is truly important and meaningful in life.


SUPPORT GROUPS (English & Spanish)


Grupo de apoyo de salud mental para personas con dificultades de salud emocional, mental y espiritual.

***para mas información véase volante en el calendario de eventos***


Un espacio seguro y confidencial para compartir experiencias y crear una conexión humana entre adultos de todas las edades.

  ***para mas información véase volante en el calendario de eventos***  

 Some of of Our Work in the Community

2021 Workshop Series for Church of the Living God- Pittsburg

Faith > Fear: Surviving or Thriving 2021  

January 2021

Annual Congreso Familiar Conference (Virtual)

 Keys to Emotional Resilience During Crisis (Spanish)

Mental Health Awareness Week October 2019

 Praise-Worship and Pray for Metal Health

Suicide Awareness Month September 2019

 Workshop Training:

Suicide and Mental Health Awareness

August 2019 Annual Congreso Familiar Conference at Chabot College, Hayward CA

Workshop Presentation: Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents

June 2018 Network and Promotional Presentation at Putnam Clubhouse, Concord CA

August 2018 Mental Health Workshop / Presentation at Congreso Familiar, Chabot College 

August 2018 MDUSD Back to School Mental Health Workshop for Parents and Caregivers, Concord CA


Bethesda Center Board of Directors

Veronica Mc Manus, CEO - Founder, Programs Director
Tamara Hunter, President
Mercedes Marquez, CFO
Noor Al Forsland, Secretary

Founding Board(left to right): Chree Mimms - President, Mercedes Marquez - CFO, Veronica Mc Manus - CEO-Founder and Programs Director, Tamara Hunter - Vice President, Noor Al Forsland - Secretary, and Pastor George Mimms


We would like to hear from you! Contact us with your questions and/or comments. Thank you.